Wainosuke is the Japanese & Italian style restaurant. We are not only have the common aspect of Japanese & European Restaurant, but also have a characteristic: there is harmony between Japanese & Italian culture. When get in to our restaurant, you can feel familiar asmosphere of Japanese "Taisyo Period", but you still filling like you are standing within Italian wine pub.

We serve a lot of food & wine from traditional Japanese to premium Italian wine, in additional when come to our restaurant, you can feel satisfaction of our attentive & polite staff.



Italian pasta is most famous in the world. Customer will be enjoy the taste of our spaghetti: it was Italian spaghetti but we add some more spices from Japan. We also serve many famost types of spaghetti like Napoli spaghetti... We believe that you will be enjoy our food.


Pizza is not our main menu, but you can taste it like appetizer. We have many size for your order like S, L.


We have many Italian appetizers which added Japanese. Besides regular dishes such as salad appetizer, tempura fried vegetables… We also offer special dishes that only in our restaurant has & will definitely make you happy.


Favorite food in lunch is spaghetti. Lunch menu also included salad and, after lunch we serve desert with fruit. More special desert with icecream included too.


There are many types of seats for your choice, we are more than welcome if you come alone. When come to our restaurant you always find suitable space with the bar type of chair or big ball table in private room(maximum 30 people).


Our Restaurant has all kinds of beverages, from the world-famous beers to traditional Japanese wine, to excellent wine from Italy.